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Why valentine day is celebrated? History of Valentine day you should know

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Every year people around the globe celebrate Valentine week of love with joy and happiness, although there is no such official holiday for this celebration but couples enjoy this week the most. They exchange gifts and show their affection and love, some couples confess their love to each other while some propose to their love on whom they had a crush. So, how does all this began? how did people start celebrating this week of love? Is there any history of this week? Or it's just a random celebration that people began to celebrate on their own? In this article, I will share the actual fact that led to the celebration of Valentine day. 

But first, let's have a look at all the days of this week in the order in which they are celebrated:-




1.Rose Day on February 7

2.Propose Day February 8

3.Chocolate DAY February 9

4.Teddy Day February 10

5.Promise Day February 11

6.Hug Day February 12

7.Kiss Day February 13

8.VALENTINE'S DAY February 14


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So, above are the days of this week and if you pay attention to the 8th day it says valentine with apostrophe s this shows that the 7th day is celebrated in the remembrance of Saint Valentine and you must be thinking who this man is and what a saint has to do with loving and relationships. Well, it has a very interesting history.


According to the European folk history, very very long time ago back in the 3rd century of Rome, there was a king named Claudius 2 who believed that after marriage the strength and wisdom of the man get destroyed. So, he passed an order in his empire that none of his soldiers will marry a woman as he wanted his soldiers to be fit mentally and physically strong. But there was one person who was against his rules and he opposed him and he started to spread awareness and started telling everyone to marry and have a married life, this man was an ordinary pope St.Valentine. He made people marry the one whom they loved and wiped out the fact from their brain that they will become weak after marriage. And when the king came to know about St. Valentine that he is encouraging people of his empire to marry he ordered to arrest him and St.Valentine were taken in captivity. 


There in the dungeon, there was a jailer. The jailer had a daughter, who was blind and as being the pope he asked St.Valentine to cure his daughter's eyes. St.Valentine prayed to god and wished to cure the eyes of his daughter. And in a few days his daughter was able to see, and she asked her father to see who had cured him. So, the jailer took her to the pope St.Valentine and when they both met each other they fell in love, the love at first sight. And when this news came to the king he asked St.Valentine not to marry her but he refused to do. So, the king Claudius ordered to hang St.Valentine.


 When St.Valentine got to know that he is going to be hanged and he would not be able to meet his love again he wrote a love letter to her stating From Your Valentine.This is why everyone writes "your Valentine" at the end of their love letter. After sending the letter to his love St.Valentine was hanged on 14th of February 269 BC. Since then the day of 14th Feb is celebrated as Valentine's Day. 


So, this was the story of the week of love the Valentine's week. Hope you will celebrate the week of love with joy.


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