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12 Facts you didn't know about Republic Day

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Everyone shows their utmost respect for the nation and the tricolor. So, on this occasion, I would like to share some interesting facts about this day. Since India got freedom on 15 August 1947 it needed a rule book to keep it going and develop so the leaders at that time searched and studied the constitution of different nation and framed the Indian constitution, which was implemented on 26 January 1950. This day has a special significance in the history of the country, there is a special parade function held for this occasion for which the practice get started a year ago before the actual function, near about 2 lakh people witness this parade at Rajpath and almost 1500 soldiers are put on duty for the security and safety of the chief guest and the political leaders, all this arrangement of security is done by defense minister. Currently, the defense minister is NIRMALA SITARAMAN.


Following are the 12 interesting facts about Republic day Parade.

Fact 1:

We all know the Republic day parade is organized at the Rajpath in New Delhi. But from 1950 to 1954 the parade was organized at different places like IRWIN STADIUM, KINGSWAY, RAMLEELA MAIDAN, RED FORT. Rajpath became the permanent venue for the parade in on 26 January 1955, since then it is being organized at Rajpath.

Fact 2:

Every year in the parade we invite a prime minister, president or any other leader of the different nation as a chief guest to watch the parade. In the first parade of Republic day, the president of the INDONESIA Dr.Sukarno was invited as the chief guest. And the first parade which was organized at Rajpath, at that time the chief guest was THE GOVERNOR GENERAL OF PAKISTAN Malik Ghulam Muhammad. 

Fact 3:

The parade begins when the president arrives at the Rajpath, on his arrival the tricolor is hosted and the national anthem is played along with the firing of 21 canons. But do you know that firing is not done with 21 canons? Instead, 7- cannons of the Indian army, which are known as “25- Ponders” are used for the firing in 3 rounds. These canons were made in 1941 which are used only in the formal programmes of the Indian army.

Fact 4:

All the participants of the parade get ready at 2am in the morning and they arrive at the Rajpath at 3 am. The preparations for the parade is done one year ago in July and till the end of August, everything is finalized.

Before the actual parade, all the participants have already practiced for 600 hours.

Fact 5:

A special camp is organized near the premises of INDIA GATE to show the development and power of the Indian tanks, armored vehicles, modern warfare equipment and canons, all the tanks, armored vehicles, canons are checked in 10 stages.

Fact 6:

All the participating group of the parade before the actual parade during rehearsals travels 

 12 kilometers, and on the parade day they travel 9 kilometers. There are group of judges who judge the parade to select the best marching contingent of the parade on the basis of 200 parameters.

Fact 7:

The parade is pre-organized from beginning to the end. So, if there is the slightest mistake in the event it can ruin up the whole parade and can create a lot of problems for the organizers. 

Fact 8:

The participants from the Indian army have to pass through the 4 levels of security checks before the final parade and their weapons are also checked so that it doesn't contain any live bullets.

Fact 9:

The tableaus running on the Rajpath in parade move with a speed of 5 km/hr so that people can watch them thoroughly. And the driver drives the tableaus by looking through a very small window.

Fact 10:

The most fascinating part of the event is “Flypast”. Responsibility for “flypast” lies on the Western Airforce Command, which involves the participation of 41 Aircraft. The Aircrafts involved in the parade take-off from different centers of the Airforce and reach the Rajpath at a fixed time.

Fact 11:

The song “Abide with me” is played on every Republic Day parade event as it was the favorite song of Mahatma Gandhi.

Fact 12:

The army personnel participating in the parade march with indigenously made INSAS (Indian new small arms system) rifles, whereas personnel of Special Security Forces marches with Tavor rifle made in Israel.


These were the 12 interesting facts about the Republic Day parade of INDIA. I bet you didn't know all of them and you enjoyed reading it.