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How to run a website in a Subdomain in Digital Ocean

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If you have a website and a single domain and a Digital Ocean's droplet and if you want to run the other web app on a new subdomain. Then congratulations you are at the right place.


Wireless Data transfer Mobile to Computer

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Using apps "share it" to data transfer is a mess since you need to install "share it" both on mobile as well as in Desktop. But today I'll share an entirely new way to transfer data without installing any dedicated software. All though we need to install a platform called Node.js.


Transfer Data Wirelessly from computer

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If you use apps like "ShareIt" and "AirDroid", then you must have noticed that the Transfer Speed is very low. So I found a way to transfer a large amount of data wirelessly by using an open source tool call Nodejs. This method gives you high-speed wireless data transfer experience.